Marathon vs. Triathlon

During my lab practicals or lab exams or lab time, we had a break and I’d be doing pistol squats in the corner and everybody else would be talking about their triathlon programming so there are all contraries as to Why someone would go to PT school? For me, I really enjoy strength sports and working with strength athletes, call sprinters and runners and so after PT school, I went to New York city to my first job there where I met professor Eric, ended up teaching for equinox, master instructor for the personal training curriculum cause that’s been an important piece of my career. Every stage I continue to amalgamate fitness, strength and conditioning with medicine, rehabilitation so that entire continuum. I wanted to have hands in both rounds and environments so had the pleasure of teaching at equinox which was a great experience, I was there for a year, came back to Liberty university. The conditioning course, it was the preparatory course for the CACS while practising clinically in Lynchburg and then had an opportunity to come down here and chat. I am an apprentice of a great cook, teach for SMS and run at practice so that’s where I have been now.