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 This was a turning point in my life and I started to do the research to find out the steps that I would have to go through to find out how to make this career come to life. As I fired up my computer I found several online colleges that offered classes to prepare me for my new career and sent off for more information.

PT Salary, Certificate, Career, Advantages and Disadvantages

 There were several more reasons why I decided to start out in this profession. I think the main reason I wanted to pursue this career was because of the closeness with the public. Then another reason was the fact that a PT can make great money. It's true that you will have to put in the years in college but it would really be worth it. With a master of physiotherapy or even a doctor of PT the training programs can last up to three years. And the average salary for physical therapist can make up to $90,000 to $117,000 a year (http://physicaltherapysalary.org/). You have a good variety of where you will be and chances are not likely that you will be at a desk for very long at a time. You need to be up interacting with your patients and making a difference in someone's life.


 I chose Emory University as my University of my choice. A professional doctorate is a Doctor of PT or DPT. To prepare physical therapists for a practice in a health care environment the transition from the Master of PT degree to a professional doctorate was made. Unique in health care is the physiotherapist's expertise in movement and movement dysfunction. The educational needs of the PTs have gotten bigger than that of an independent practitioner as their societal and health care roles and responsibilities have grown.


Degree and Certificate

 A Doctor of Physical Therapy degree is earned by students in the Division of PT at Emory. The program will start in June and will last three years until May in the third year. The majority of the required credits that a student needs for graduation must be earned at Emory University School of Medicine. The function of the human body along with the study of normal structure and the principles of movement science across the life span is what the students study for the first two semesters. During the 3rd semester the students study the pathophysiology and disease processes that is mixed with clinical problem solving in concurrent classes that have part time education with clinical experiences. Before a student gets a degree they need to complete 36 weeks of full time clinical internship at sites which carry the diverse condition in which physiotherapists study. The students from Emory get to choose from clinical education places around Metropolitan Atlanta and around the nation. The students come back to Emory to complete their research and to choose elective courses in different areas during the last semester in the DPT program. All physical therapists must take a state licensure examination after graduation. To take this state exam graduation from an accredited therapy program is required.

Physical Therapist Make the Difference

 I think it’s important to recognize that physical therapy is a very board profession in itself so there are lots of reasons for people to choose physical therapy. There are a lot of different venues and aspects and even with an out page before completing physical therapy, there is a lot of diversity in how different people choose to practice physical therapy. I personally feel like going PT will make me a better coach, just had an athlete compete in Olympic weight lifting this past Saturday, did a great job, got an option to coach him as a weight lifter but also I have to learn to use my hands to both assess movements, soft tissue dysfunction and then treat him as a physical therapy provider so for me. Physical therapy was about becoming a better coach and continue to still work in performance enhancement so I am still very interested in that.

Get a Degree in PT

Could you I guess just let the students know where you started, when you went to undergraduate for, how did you end up sort of step by step going to pieces as well?

- I went to the Liberty University, got my Bachelor’s in science, spent a lot of time the wavering there at Liberty, at the last few days, I competed in power lifting, the Olympics with him, so strength and conditioning and fitness industry was really interesting to me and worked in multiple gyms in high school and undergraduate, finished my undergraduate degree, spend a year between undergrad and graduate where I worked at Duke University healthcare system for sports and medicine. That was performance enhancer with the athletics there, did a lot of personal training, I had a great experience, really enjoyed the fitness industry, enjoyed strength and conditioning, felt this need to learn more and to be able to provide more to my clients, always felt like fitness and strength and conditioning would be a part of my practice. In fact, it’s a big part of what I do here in PT center, we’re kind of a unique facility and that we had cattle bells, we have sandbags and just creative ways to help people and not afraid to look those. After Duke I return work there and then went to PT school in San Diego, got my DPT degree at University Saint Augustine, it’s a program heavily in orthopedics and annual therapy was really interested in how to use my hands to feel and diagnose.

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 My reward in this field so far has been greatly rewarded for shadowing which is a gift that shows this is the best career for me. I have seen many clients who told me I will make a great physical therapist based on the skills I have shown working with them such as compassion, knowledge in the medical field, interpersonal skills and my outgoing personality. My life is being dedicated to a career that is filled with passion for helping people and I take this challenge as a sign of faith I will be equipped to handle the challenge of a physiotherapy therapist.


 I now have a job in the office of an orthopedic surgeon where I go everyday and I feel like I was meant to be there. Sometimes I even go to the hospital for special patients that need special attention. My patients are my whole world and the attention I pay to them is what I did all this for. One day I might change and work in a hospital but for right now I am happy just being here. I start everyday with a smile on my face and a patient waiting on me to help them and that is what I do best.