Learn from Colleagues

You bring up a really great point there about being willing to submit yourself to a professional and they talk to the students a lot about identifying people who are good and reliable sources of information and I know just from knowing you at the time, you have really put yourself in a position to learn from a lot of different people, I’d be interested if you could talk about maybe how you identified quality and that type of thing?

 It’s a great question because in our industry, fitness industry, medicine, there is just a lot more coming and that’s how a lot of folks gain money and gain popularity and it’s a part of the industry. It’s not that bad as long as you have the substance to back it up so when I am looking for someone to have a conversation with, learn from, go to their cores, collaborate with, cross brain with, I guess there are really 3 things I think about and I will be quite up front with you, I stole this straight up from Dave who owns and operates the lead FTS, what has that person done, whether that’s their degrees or their athletic career, who have they trained or rehabbed or coached, where have they done that and the third thing would be, who were their mentors, who have they studied under. I think it’s those three things, they are a combination of both academic pursuits, personal pursuits, both personal, athletic pursuits and then also, who have they submitted themselves under, who have you spent your time with and who have you learned from and who has challenged you to row so those are the things I look for.