Building Patient Relationships

It’s easy folks to develop relationships, that’s generally what the type of person that is successful, extroverted and out going but do you combine that with the object of result so in physical therapy, it’s about measuring a lot of things, both of a hand held anemometer, we use a hand held anemometer here, we use and chronometry, we also have bioelectrical impedance analysis where we do body compositions in a segmental way so measuring things I think is important because it shows objectively your work, it’s not personal, it’s not about me versus the chiropractor or the other physical therapist or whoever. I measured that guy’s hip inter rotation, he had fifteen degrees on the left, he had forty five on the right, it’s not personal, it’s not about arguing with anybody, those are the facts and most patients really respond well to the facts, here is what I found, here is what I think is going on, here is what I think you should do.