Physiotherapy: Patients and Results

 Is it frustrating for you to see clients led into either training or therapy situations where they have kind of just been brought in by the personality and then they are not receiving the care that they deserve and then maybe how do you identify when that’s happening, what’s a good therapist, what’s not, I know we talked about a few things earlier.

 With perfectionalism comes an appreciation for what you do and what you are good at and what you don’t do, what you are not good at and so referring people elsewhere I think is one of the best signs of a professional, as a physical therapist. I had an evaluation of a fellow who came all the way from Bedford, it was an hour and fifty minute drive one way, he had seen a chiropractor, a physical therapist and a primary care doctor, he has seen at least four people and he had back pain for about six months and he still isn’t any better. In fact, even on his examinations, the examinations alone increased his symptoms, what I found, a lot of time with him, was that his back pain was really coming from his left hip where he had limited inter rotation and a joint problem so I referred him to another orthopedist in Lynchburg to get evaluated and get an x ray of his hip, I think he has arthritis, so that’s me saying “Hey, look this is what I think is going on, I don’ provide that but I know a guy who does , he is in my network”. I think knowing what you do and doing that well and being comfortable and professional and referring out, so that certainly happens, I think there are a lot of people who are likeable but don’t produce results, so that’ the component, you get someone in the door and you connect with them and you build a report, licenceship, they like you, they like their experience but are they getting results so in our industry, I can dot across the board, success equals results and relationships.