About Tuition & Fee, May Be Outdated

This is depending on the type of housing you get. It is required that you get health insurance through the University. There is also Financial Aid available.
Tuition and expenses for the year of Sep. 2010 - Aug. 2012 are as follows with an increase of 3 - 5% each year.
Tuition $35,500
Fees $1,050
Living Expenses $27,500
Books & Supplies $ 2,800
Health Insurance $ 2,200
Loan Fees $750
Transportation $1500
Total $ 75,565

I took an active role in physical therapy by shadowing at an outpatient clinic where I treated a wide variety of injuries, after I graduated college. It was an assorted batch of clients with different ethnic groups and histories where I saw head on the objections in caring for clients with troublesome diseases as well.