Some advice for Physical Therapy Student

 My reward in this field so far has been greatly rewarded for shadowing which is a gift that shows this is the best career for me. I have seen many clients who told me I will make a great physical therapist based on the skills I have shown working with them such as compassion, knowledge in the medical field, interpersonal skills and my outgoing personality. My life is being dedicated to a career that is filled with passion for helping people and I take this challenge as a sign of faith I will be equipped to handle the challenge of a physiotherapy therapist.


 I now have a job in the office of an orthopedic surgeon where I go everyday and I feel like I was meant to be there. Sometimes I even go to the hospital for special patients that need special attention. My patients are my whole world and the attention I pay to them is what I did all this for. One day I might change and work in a hospital but for right now I am happy just being here. I start everyday with a smile on my face and a patient waiting on me to help them and that is what I do best.