Get a Degree in PT

Could you I guess just let the students know where you started, when you went to undergraduate for, how did you end up sort of step by step going to pieces as well?

- I went to the Liberty University, got my Bachelor’s in science, spent a lot of time the wavering there at Liberty, at the last few days, I competed in power lifting, the Olympics with him, so strength and conditioning and fitness industry was really interesting to me and worked in multiple gyms in high school and undergraduate, finished my undergraduate degree, spend a year between undergrad and graduate where I worked at Duke University healthcare system for sports and medicine. That was performance enhancer with the athletics there, did a lot of personal training, I had a great experience, really enjoyed the fitness industry, enjoyed strength and conditioning, felt this need to learn more and to be able to provide more to my clients, always felt like fitness and strength and conditioning would be a part of my practice. In fact, it’s a big part of what I do here in PT center, we’re kind of a unique facility and that we had cattle bells, we have sandbags and just creative ways to help people and not afraid to look those. After Duke I return work there and then went to PT school in San Diego, got my DPT degree at University Saint Augustine, it’s a program heavily in orthopedics and annual therapy was really interested in how to use my hands to feel and diagnose.