Physical Therapy Internships

I felt the internship was, one of, if not the most important aspect of the degree. Your future potential employers don’t care as much about your GPA or where you graduate from or what courses you’ve taken, but they care a lot about what are your experiences and where have you interned, because that’s your network, that’s how you connect in your industry. So think big and try to find a biggest best closest internship, what you want to do is possible. If you’re interns here, it basically takes a recommendation from someone that I guess know to at least a phone review, I am going to look over your resume, we’re going to have a conversation to about what you want to do, where you want to go, what your background is, it is mandatory that you have a strength and conditioning or fitness background and also require that students are familiar with functional systems and of a movement screen and of the movement assessment, many have the passion for helping and serving other people and so out of my five PT students, I would say one of them was exceptionally bad and that was my first one.

 The subsequent four have done really good but one of which was an MBA strength coach for five years, he decided to go back to PT school an UNC and so because we are at functional limit systems headquarters, we do get a chance to have some really awesome interns and applicants but people who love what they do and their passion about their profession, usually in my experience, love having students so you think big, the industry has made our industry in the world really small so it’s easy to connect with people who are doing what you want to do and so I think you have to go for that.

 In fact, I would be concerned for students in this industry who are outgoing, who have difficulty cold calling or cold emailing people, I’d actually be concerned about if you are in the right industry or not cause I think that that outgoing personality, personal training at least is a big business, in those settings, it’s not about how good a personal trainer you are or how well you describe the slotting filament theory but it’s actually how good of a salesman are you, can you sell yourself, can you sell what you are providing and that was a huge delay for me, that was a hard lesson for me to learn as an undergrad. It didn’t matter how many courses I took, how my GPA was or how intelligent I thought I was but I needed to be lying about my clients, I needed to be confident enough and willing to reach out to them and pursue those clients, should share with them and demonstrate my value.